How to optimize Archive links in blogger for SEO point of view

Set Archive Links for better results Welcome to my new post. As I have already posted for how to make all external links no follow, M going to share a new seo tips for blogger. As we know that Archive collects posts by date, Month and year wise. It looks good in blog and also it is very useful for Read more [...]

How to Find CommentLuv enabled Blogs for Backlinks

Easily find CommentLuv or KeywordLuv enabled Blogs. Today I will share a tips for finding Particular keyword enabled blogs  for getting huge blog list for commenting. you can find your website's categories enabled blogs like educational blog, Government blog, Keyword enabled blogs etc . You can also Read more [...]

Prevent Blogspot Blog From Specific Country Domain Redirect

The problem with Blogger's blog is that It automatically redirects to a country specific domain. Suppose there is a blogspot blog with url It will be opened as in India. and in Canada. Every time users open your blog, the blog extension Read more [...]