WordPress.com don’t show Plugins option

Diff.-Between-wordpress.com-.orgYou may look over plugins area in your wordpress.com blog if you haven’t used wordpress.com blog in past. Although WordPress.com and wordpress.org both are WordPress platforms but the major difference is that wordpress.org required self hosting while .com is hosted by WordPress it self.

Diff. between free WordPress.com and self hosted WordPress.org

There are many differences between these two flavors:

1. Hosting : With wordpress.org, you need to take your own hosting to save your blogs/websites online. .com flavor is self hosted by WordPress.

2. Registration : Registration is required to start with wordpress.com where as no such activity is required with .org

3. Domain Name : A custom domain is must with .org where as wordpress.com can be used without any custom domain. however there is option to integrate custom domain in .com flavor too.

4. Plugins option : Definitely this is most important as you can’t install Plugins in WordPress.com blogs. you will need to switch over .org.

5. Customization options : Although WordPress.org sites are self hosted so obviously there will be extra features and that’s the reason people spend extra money in hosting.

Final Words – Every Technology has its cons. and benefits. For a starter who just want to post beautiful articles and Images, WordPress.com is perfect. but if you need some extra features you can go with WordPress.org

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