Basic On page SEO ranking factors 2019

There are n number of On page SEO tricks which are being implemented by the experts for improving ranking of a website. I have shortlisted some important steps for you. I have already used these must do tips on the sites and the outputs are awesome. So If you are a search engine optimizer, I expect you are using these basics :


ON PAGE SEO tips for Websites :

Have a look on these most important on page Meta tags and Seo tips  –


Keep your website’s title length upto 70 characters. Selection of Title should be carefully taken. I will recommend you to choose long tail keywords.


Always use this tag in a smart way so that It becomes the summary of the page. Description tags are in sentences and not more than 150 characters.


Heading tags are important for seo point of view. there are six types of heading tags and they are h1, h2…..h6. You  just need to put only one h1 tag in a page and the other tags can be more than one but don’t use a single tag more than five times in a page.


Smarty use alt tags in a page and i will recommend you to put hyphens to separate words of a title tag. Like Seo-Comapny-Delhi . also put title tags on the images with proper words related to the picture and keywords.


The content on your website should be unique and there should be proper keyword stuffing in it. I will recommend to make the length more than 400 words. Although based on the website page type it can vary too.


Internal linking helps users to stay on your website for a long time and also it is better for SEO point of view as Search engine understands that Website pages are well linked to each other. The External linking(High quality links) helps to make good reputations for the search engines.


These tags help search engine to easily know the website business location. for the list of geo meta tags you can see my post which is about popular meta tags for a website.


Add some popular social icons on your website to make good reputation of your site in Social Media. Don’t forget to make your website profile on popular Web 2.0 websites.


Try to externalize these Javascript and CSS codes for your website. it will make your website to load faster for a better user experience.


Don’t let stay a single broken link on your page. Check these links online and fixed these issues as soon as possible.


The Robots.txt file can be used to block the urls whom you don’t want to get crawled by the search engines.


You can use the .htaccessfile File to fixed some issues like to fix 301 error and to redirect without www to with www url and vice versa.


You can use Webmaster tools to submit sitemap and some other verification. Webmaster tools are also useful to know your website performance. you can also use Google Analytics for better analysis.


Your website’s navigation should be proper and crawl able.


Try to purchase a domain with at least one word present related to main keyword. Although If you don’t want it is not much necessary but choose Hosting carefully as website server should be 24X7 running. A server with too much down time can de index a hosted website from the search results.

Conclusion :

Although there are many more steps in the ON PAGE SEO. but above points are sufficient to make a website good reputation in a search result. To get more SEO tips, Circle me on Google+


  1. shalini says

    your blog is really awesome and i got more interesting factors of On-page optimization in seo especially in meta tags. Thus it is nice and really awesome. i like this blog very much.

  2. Harini says

    its useful one but you said limited range is high for website i am using screening frog for my on page work checking. there was given for title 65 and description 115 but you said everything with large range. which one i should follow, give a right choice?

  3. Toupali says

    I am so impressed at your research, I worked with you and knew it that you are the best SEO expert, but I am so proud to see how synchronize your tips are. Thanks

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    Very informative post on “Basic On page SEO ranking factors 2016”.Thanks for sharing.
    On page optimization plays an important riole in SEO.If on page is properly optimized,then it is easy to achieve results for online businesses.

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