How to add/show widget for related posts in blogger at the bottom


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    Nice post. by this ways any blogger can increase there pageviews. Pageviews are the big factor for any blogger. It will help to stay more time on blog.

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    Hi Sanjay,

    Today I have added author box in my blog But I want it should be appear above related post now it is appearing in below side. Please tell what I did so that it would be appear above.

    Jyoti Chauhan

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    Jyoti you need to re install author box and place author
    box code below if you wanna use this related posts by linkwithin. feel free to ask if having any problem. Rohit you welcome bro.

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    Hi Sanjay,

    I am trying to do when you mentioned above in your reply but nothing is appear at my blog means no changes.I am trying again with linkwithin.

    Jyoti Chauhan

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