Difference between Do follow and No follow Links


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    This is a concept many people don’t easily understand, dofollow links can greatly improve a site and help in the PR. Though a mix up of the two is always advised for a balance before Google raises an eye for spamming.

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    i think google also recognize nofollow in ranking. if our links from other blogs and websites are mostly do-follow, google does not like it. they also want some of our links to have a no-follow attribute. in other words, our backlinks should have a right balance between do follow and no follow

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    Hi Sanjay,

    It’s an interesting to see your views on these two kind of links. SEO people are so attracted to dofollow links that they go to any extreme to grab the juice.

    However, whenever you are setting up your blog or building linking strategy, it is better to mix up both kind of links. When all links are dofollow, it easily dilutes the ranking juice and makes the links almost valueless. If all links are nofollow, it tells Google that you are not confident about any of the links that you publish in your page. Both the extremes are bad.

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    Well I guess you are right. There is a big difference between the two… But these two factors I think will create a big impact on your blogs or website….

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    The dofollow attribute has many advantages as well as disadvantages. Dofollow links we have in spammy sites have negative effects. Although if you have a link in spammy page, if it is nofollow, there is no problem. Commonly dofollow links in content part has more weight than the dofollow link in author box.

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    Though it is good to get dofollow links, one needs to understand the importance of maintaining a healthy balance between dofollow and nofollow links so as to avoid being penalized for the same.

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    Hello Sir,
    I have a one question? What is the process of do fallow link of our site in Bookmarking site. i submit a story in Bookmarking site, my story have been move to upcoming news. upcoming news show the link no-fallow.so i want to when i submit story, my story move to instant in published news. published news show the link do follow.

    So please Sir provide full process of submit a story in sbm site.


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