Tips to improve conversion rate of a small business website

Your website may be getting enough traffic from search engines and social media platforms, but what percentage of visitors convert to customers?  Driving huge traffic is not enough, you need to convert those visitors into customers. This is really important to have better conversion rate for Increasing Read more [...]

Small Businesses Looking To Improve Their Website Design

As a small business owner, one must undertake a highly proactive approach towards setting-up of a business and its expansion thereof. Right from the start of a new business, it is imperative to note that most business expansions take place with a successful web presence online. In the current digital Read more [...]

Add Unique Pop up Facebook page Like button at the Right Bottom of Blogger, WordPress or a Website.

Hi All, earlier, i have already Posted some facebook Like Box for a website/Blog. Today I am sharing an another unique Facebook Like Box which will show in the Right bottom  section of a website. the widget when added to a blog or website, slightly move towards up when Visitor scrolls the page down.  Read more [...]