Add open graph protocols meta tags to blogger/website for good performance on social sites


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    Open Graph Protocols are very important to optimize our web pages for social sharing. It help us to show exact meta description, title and post thumbnail that attract more visitors.
    Great post Sanjay Bro 🙂

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    Yes Ankit broo… I remember I was facing the same pblm and then u recommended me to add these my blog urls are trating well in social sites…!

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    Quick simple and helpful post Sanjay, thanks for sharing 😉

    Grab some nice search engines juice by optimizing images; it makes a huge difference. Google loves relevancy.


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    Nice information Sanjay 🙂

    Its good to read the clear guide. Yeah, meta tags are very important.

    No need to alter the code? will include it into my blog.

    Keep the good work 🙂

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    Thank you Nirmala for your valuable appreciation…yeah These meta tags r very important for performing the site on social networks….Thnx for ur comment…stay in touch!!!!!

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    a valuable tutorial you have. however, i am using wordpress but this post can be useful in my future blogs if i will use a blogger platform. i will also check your site for wp tutorials.

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