Understanding Domain Authority and Page Authority & How to Improve Domain Authority

What is Domain Authority?

The Domain Authority is the Search Engine Ranking score developed by Moz in order to understand, how well a website can be ranked in different search engines including Google, Bing and Yahoo.

How is Domain Authority Calculated?

The Domain Authority is varied from 0 to 100. The Moz calculates the score based on logarithmic scale based on popularity of a website, MozTrust, MozRank, number of quality backlinks, user experience, social signals, Site load time, usability, Traffic, bounce rate etc. It would be easier to increase the domain authority from 20-30 than to grow from 80-90. The same case applies with the Page Authority as well.


Domain Authority Factors

There can be several factors of Domain Authority but in short, here is a list of top factors for increasing Domain Authority of a website.

Number of Inbound Links (Root Domains) : There should be good number of linking root domains to your website. For example, Getting 500 backlinks from 500 different websites will be better than getting 1000 backlinks from a set of 10 or 20 websites.

Moz Trust – Moz trust is important for a website in order to get higher Domain Authority. MozTrust checks how is the connection of your website with trusted websites.

Moz Rank – The MozRank ranges from 0 to 10. The higher the Moz Rank, there will be better results. It emphasizes quality back-linking, Meaning links from high quality websites will be advantageous.

Social Signals – It is required for a website to have decent presence over social media.

Content Quality  – The quality of content should be good.  When you write an article, You want your article to get published over several sites, that will help your website gain juicy links from websites.

SEO friendly Website – When Your website becomes Search Engine Friendly, There will be better traffic and average time spent by users. When more people will read your post, there will be chance for Domain authority to get increased.

Domain Age & Content Size – It has been seen that old domains have extra advantage over new ones, Also, There is need to have more no. of quality posts/pages on a website so that maximum keywords can be targeted and more and more people can come to the website.

The major difference between Domain Authority and page Authority

The Two different terms – Domain Authority and Page Authority must not be confused because these two are completely different metrics. The Domain Authority (DA) score is for the entire domain/sub-domain of a website however page authority score is for the individual pages of a website. The domain authority is the same of a website however, page authority varies from each post/page.

How to increase Domain Authority

  • Quality Backlinking process should be practiced, build niche based back-links.
  • Write great Contents, your posts should be long and informative, covering various points. Update your website/Blog on regular basis.
  • Practice quality Off-Page SEO for your post
  • Your website should have good presence over different social media websites including Facebook, Twitter, G+ etc.
  • Remove bad backlinks from your website on regular basis.
  • Interlinking your posts and practicing on-page SEO is important

How to check Domain Authority?

There are various sources to check domain authority of a website. you can simply search in Google for “Domain Authority Checker” and find a number of online websites. Some of the top mediums include Small SEO Tools, Google Chrome extension, Mozilla Firefox  adon and open Site explorer.

 Final Words – Domain Authority is the crucial factor for SEO professionals. The key point is to publish high quality contents on your website. Because if you write good posts, there will be more search queries, users will spend time on your post and share your posts. So, publishing great contents is the primary requirement, next process should be to do link-building and other steps as mentioned above.


  1. apkBazaar says

    Very informative post. Yeah, domain authority and page authority are the most important factors in SEO. Website with high domain and page authority tends to rank higher in search engines.

    ~Shabir Hussain

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