Top Free ways to boost Alexa ranking dramatically

Decreasing alexa rank has always been the headache for many of bloggers. A few of them are talented to bring their blogs below 1,00,000 but most of the time it feels difficult to other bloggers and website owners.


So, the question is how to boost Alexa ranking quickly?

Is there any easy way to improve Alexa ranking too fast?

There are many questions when you start your blogging journey. Today, Alexa ranking is symbol of success, Atleast it gives you some paid posts and make your reputation better in the blogging niche.

In this post, I am going to share some working ways to improve your website’s  Alexa ranking but prior to all, it is important for you to know “What is Alexa rank?”

What is Alexa Rank?


According to, Alexa Rank is an estimate of how popular your website compare to all other websites.

It is a web information company that gives you traffic estimate, ranking estimate and it gives you a list of keywords on which a websites is ranking.

How Alexa works?

Alexa understand and evaluate rankings through the help of Alexa tool bars installed on Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.  These tool bars help users know different metrics including Alexa ranks, evaluate ranking and popularity. Have you installed Alexa toolbar in your browser? If the answer is No, you need to read this guide – How to install Alexa Toolbar?

Is Alexa Rank Worth for SEO?

Many SEOs think working to improve alexa rank is meaningless. As I mentioned earlier, Alexa ranking is based on the number of visitors having installed Alexa toolbar so if a blog/website is of technical niche like A1BS, Alexa ranking will be lowered because majority of visitors are SEOs and technical Guys who sees alexa rankings of websites and installed the toolbar.

On the other hand, if a website is of different niche, small percentage of visitors install the toolbar so roughly we can say that, it is not necessary that if a website has lowered alexa rank, it’s getting better traffic. There are many circumstances!

Roughly, Alexa Ranking is valued by most of the technical person today. In case you are a Blogger, It is important for you to get your website’s alexa rank lowered so that you can easily get sponsored post. BTW, there are other metrics like DA, PA which are more meaningful but still, you can’t ignore the power of Alexa rank today J you must work to lower your website’s alexa rank for a better reputation in your industry.

How to improve Alexa rank of a website?

After reading the above points you know now, how important Alexa rank is. So now, let’s know the ways to improve it.

1.     Install  Alexa Toolbar in your browser

I have written a detailed post to install alexa Toolbar but in short, all you need to do is to visit this page and click on install the toolbar as per your browser. When you install the toolbar and open your website, it will help your website gets better alexa ranking.

2.     Write Unique Articles

Never ever copy posts from other websites and post that on yours. Google loves unique contents and if you post long/relevant and unique posts, there is good chance that Google will bring more number of visitors to your website, result in  a better alexa rank.

3.     Write contents on regular basis

Updating a website/blog regularly helps your site get good amount of traffic in a short time. I still remember, I brought alexa rank of A1 Blogger SEO to below 40,000 (Worldwide) but since I am not active on blogging because of my freelance work, It has increased again.

I recommend bloggers to write 1 or 2 posts on daily basis If this is something not your cup of tea, you must write 2-3 posts once in a week.

4.     Share your contents on Social Media

Make a habbit to share your blog posts on different social media channels. If you do so, your website will get better amount of traffic that will result boost in alexa ranking. You should also submit your website to the top social bookmarking sites.

5.     Build quality backlinks in your niche

After publishing your content, you should create some backlinks from high authority websites to increase your website’s author plus, to increase traffic. More number of increased visitors will definitely help your website get lowered alexa rank.

Note – Many of posts over recommend to install alexa widget on website but you can ignore that point because alexa has discontinued this service back in 2016. But still if you want to get that widget installed, Read this post


By following the above 5 points, I was able to reduce my website’s global alexa from millions to 40K. Follow the guide and you will be well on your way to reduce alexa rank of your website. Good Luck!

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