How to do SEO for a New Website 2018

SEO for new website SEO is breath of a website. You can’t deny the importance of Search Engine Optimization for any Business as number of Internet users are increasing day by day. After Website Designing, It is very important for a website to get targeted traffic. We need to optimize a website based on location and Website Category. The first process includes Initial Process and then we go for On-page optimization and finally Off-page SEO is required.

Initial Process:

The Initial process includes some important steps which can help you to get better rank in quick time.

If possible Choose the SEO optimized Domain: Suppose your client’s business is for Volleyball training, you can go with the domain like However it is not necessary but it helps to rank higher in quick time if you choose a part of main Keyword in Domain.

Keywords Search : You should use some tools like Google Keyword Planner to search good keywords for the new website.

Purchase domain of Country Specific Extension: If your Website is for United Kingdom you should choose a domain like What I mean is to choose a domain based on your country specific extension.

See Competitors: It is required for a Business to keep an eye on our competitors. We should do depth analysis on top competitors so that we can plan the work something better than or in the level of them. You should see their pages, Urls, backlinks, Local listings etc.

On-Page SEO Process:

In My Views, On-Page SEO is most important for a Website to get higher rank. You need to optimize everything from start. Here I am going to share some important steps for a new website-

  1. Make SEO friendly Urls – You need to make keyword targeted urls. You should optimize pages or posts urls in a way that they look good and covers your targeted Keywords.
  2. Title, Alt and Meta Tags – Put title tag of a website below 55 characters. It is to be remembered that Google shows the results in pixel limitations. So I suggest you to use a title up to 55 characters. The Meta Description Length should be under 120 to 155 characters. You should implement Alt tags on images and anchor text on Links for better SEO.
  3. Interlinking – This one is important for a website to link pages to each other as much as possible. You should give the links on Keywords in Content too.
  4. Create Sitemap – You need to create an XML sitemap. You can create a sitemap yourself or you can use free online Sitemap generator.
  5. Webmaster Tools & Analytics– You need to signup for Google and Bing Webmaster tools so that you can submit your sitemap to crawl faster. However you can also go for Google Analytics so that you can see the performance of website in depth.
  6. Install Social Icons – In your website, It is required to add Social icons so that your shared posts, updates can be engaged among targeted customers. Read how to add Facebook Like box.
  7. Check 301/404 errors– It is required to check if there is any error in a website. check for broken links and resolve them. You can do 301 redirect to these types of links. Also create a 404 page for better experience among users.
  8. txt/.htaccess files: You can create robots.txt file to get control over what Google needs to crawl and what not to from your Website. You can use .htaccess file to overcome several issues with your website.

Off-Page SEO Activities:

For a new Website, It is required for a website to do some Off-Page SEO so that a site can get quality traffic. Although the Off-page or On-page SEO works are not limited but I am going to share some of the important activities which are enough to get good number of traffic on a new Website.

  1. Local Listing: If your Business targets local, go for local listing so that local clients can see your website and can contact you. There are many local listing Website but start with Google My Business First.
  2. Classified submissions – Classified Sites are good for instant traffic generation. You should submit your ad over top Ad posting sites to start getting leads.

Note – If you require instant traffic, PPC won’t disappoint you. However it will be costly. You can also choose Email marketing if you are searching for affordable and cost effective services for instant traffic generation. In off-page SEO, Classified Submission, Forum Posting and Blog Commenting can play the major role for instant traffic generation.

  1. Blogging: In my opinion, This technique is best among all off-page SEO processes. Everyone knows Blogging is powerful and so you should start posting beautiful articles in Blog section so that you can target maximum audiences on maximum Keywords.
  2. Social Bookmarking: It is important for a website to go for social Bookmarking. It is a great link building process if you submit your website to high pr dofollow Social Bookmarking Websites.
  3. Article Submission: Article submission process is good and evergreen process for quality link building. You should write fresh contents to submit over top dofollow Article Submission Websites. You can also choose Press release websites for the submission of press releases.
  4. Image/Video/Document Submission – You should search for the websites for Image, Video and Document submissions so that you can build quality backlinks.
  5. Forum & QA – There are many Forum and Question-Answer websites. You should participate to get better reputation and better backlinks.
  6. Blog Commenting- This is good to do Blog commenting both for traffic and online reputation. You are recommended to write large comments.
  7. Be Social – Yes this is mandatory. You need to setup profiles over top Social Media Websites. Verify the listings and keep updating the pages and profiles.

Final Words– Although there are so many SEO activities  but I believe the above steps are very important for a new website. I am 100% sure your website will get awesome results if you do the above steps in proper way. Thanks for reading this article. Have a good day 🙂


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