How to remove powered by blogger attribute in a blog

we see a blogger attribute namely powered by blogger in footer area of a blogspot blog. it can be removed. all u need is to do a simple step. even there are many methods to remove this attribute, I am going to share simplest  blogging tips for this.

Steps to remove Powered by Blogger :

1. Go to your blogger Dash board
2. Select the template section and click on edit html
3. Now find the given code by searching ctrl+f
<b:widget id=’Attribution1′ locked=’true’ title=” type=’Attribution’>
4. Replace the value ‘true’ with ‘false’ the template
6. Now go in layout section you will see the attribution section for powered by blogger.
7. Edit attribution gadget and remove it as shown in fig.

8.You are done..enjoy but I will personally request you to add this removed attribute link to any suitable position of your blog. We must give credit to blogger for such a great service. All the best.


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