How to remove BitLocker Encryption in Windows 7

BitLocker is a security in Windows 7 Ultimate and Enterprise edition to lock a drive. It is very beneficial to protect the files and folders but some times we need to remove it from a Drive. From the direct options by right clicking the drives, there is the option to remove password from a drive but going for drive decryption is the best way.

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This Article will explain you to how to decrypt an encrypted drive protected by Bitlocker. This is necessary that you need to login as Administrator. Also if you have done USB encryption, you will need to connect the USB and then unlock the drives so that you can decrypt the Bitlocker successfully.

 Steps to remove encryption in Windows 7

Here is the steps to do so that Drive Decryption can be done.

  • Click on the start button and search for Manage BitLocker
  • Click on Manage BitLocker
  • Look your password protected drive, you will see there is an option to turn off BitLocker in the right side
  • Click on Turn Off Bitlocker and then click on decrypt drive

Decrypt Drive

  • Now wait for some minutes as decryption process will take some time.

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