Redirect a single/Multiple Page to another Page in a Website

.htaccess Files for 301 Redirect


Although there are many ways including Meta tags and Php redirect but I will recommend you to fix the 301 error with using .htaccess file. I have created some other contents which are a part of 301 redirection which are  :

But before doing any step you need to know the process to create the .htaccess file. so to understand the steps , see this video
Once you know how to create .htaccess file I guess you know the next step as we need to put some code in that file and then we upload it in the same root where index file is present.

Code to redirect a single page to another page in a Website :

So guys if you need to redirect any one of a website page to other existing page, you just need to put this small code in .htaccess file. in case you have multiple pages to redirect, you can write one by one code for each page in the same format as given below-
Redirect 301 /oldpageofa1bloggerseo.html

Change : 

  •  oldpageofa1bloggerseo.html with the old url whom u want to redirect.
  • with the url where you want to redirect the page.

Code to redirect entire site to a single Page :

If you would like to move entire pages of a website to a single page then simply add the below code in the .htaccess file.
Redirect 301 /
Change : 

  • with the url where you want to redirect the site.

Thats it. I hope you enjoyed the post. If you have any issue to ask kindly say me in the comment section. You can follow me on Google+ for more tips and tricks. Thanks.


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