Open and Copy Multiple Websites at Once in Browser

Hi Friends, Hope you are doing well. some times we need to open many urls in a window. In case if you need to submit your website over Social Bookmarking Sites, you can read this post to understand how can we open multiple (something like 30 or 50+) through a single click. If you are doing some of off-page SEO activities, I bet this you will save huge time.

Benefits of opening multiple Urls:

  1. It saves your Time.
  2. No need to copy-paste each url in Browser.
  3. More work for Clients in particular time.

How to Open Multiple Urls at once in Chrome/Firefox

The easiest and widely used method is to use online websites to open so many websites. so if you need to open multiple urls you can use any of the below websites.


 It is to be remembered that the browsers popup should allow this action. you can read the steps on each website if you face any issue. I use the above urls in Google Chrome and it works excellent.

How to copy all urls in Google Chrome tab at Once

copy-multiple-tabs-at-onceSo when you submit links on so many websites, It will be very helpful if we can copy and save all tab urls at once. so to perform such action, there are some chrome extensions like Copy All Urls which can be installed. However if you use Firefox, you can search for adons too.

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