Know Hummingbird, The Latest search alogorithm Update by Google

Latest Google trend HUMMINGBIRD :

On october 3rd 2013, Google announced a major update known as hummingbird search algorithm. As usual, It is designed for better search result for the users. after every time of period Google announced its official seo trend for which we have a little bit of tension. In fact every newbies or pro blogger has a little bit of fear from these seo trends. Last time Google had announced Penguin 2.0 update on 18th of May 2013. and after this interval here is an another update named as Google Hummingbird Seo Update.

Hummingbird Seo algorithm
Hummingbird Seo Update

Hummingbird is a major rework on the previous Google trends. This time Google is claiming that Google search will be in more Human way to interact with users for the better service.

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What is Hummingbird :

Suppose you have a query regarding the exact name of capital of india, as you don’t know the city name. you bring out your phone and search a query in the same way as we ask to our friends that “what is the name of Capital of India” or suppose your phone have voice recognition and you wanna search through it without typing keywords. you will ask to google as what is the name of Indian capital. back in previous updates, google used to concentrate on keywords by ignoring many words from your query but this time it will understand like a human that the user is asking for the name of capital of india and so the result is New Delhi. Again if the user searches that how much it has been developed. Google will understand that you are asking How much New Delhi has been developed.and it will show you the exact result.

Serious Content Creators Will get help by Hummingbird :

This algorithm is looking complicated one. but due to development of technology Google wants to be in trend always. The search result are not going to be on Keywords only it will show the most relevant result according to the user’s search queries. so if you have a good content in your blog/website you will have chance for better performance. as I believe still content is King. so don’t look for the shortcuts or black hat seo and always provide the helpful content your Website will be definitely boost up.

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