Free Canadian Classified Sites List 2019

Hello friends, This post is for Canada! If you are from Canada, you can use these websites to submit free ads for any city. These classified sites are handpicked  with high page rank.

Note : If you are not posting from Canada you may need to use proxies to post in some Classified sites.

You can Submit your website on : High pr social bookmarking Sites

Page Rank 7 :

Page Rank 6 :                          

Page Rank 5 :

Page Rank 4 :

Page Rank 3 : 

Page Rank 2 :

Page Rank 0 :


  1. says

    Hi Sanjay Choubey ,

    Great post and I will definitely put some of them to use. The problem happens when you find yourself lacking in time to do all! But I will bookmark it and use these sites as and when I find them relevant to me.

  2. kumarpandey says

    I agree with Sanjay Choubey comments about this very useful list of high pr classified posting website to get more traffic for own website.

    I really thanks for sharing this wonderful Free Classified Ads Posting Website list.

  3. srujitha says

    Really this site helped me while working on a Canada project.
    Keep on updating with new ones with high domain Authority sites.

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