Digital Marketing Training Online

Digital Marketing is the process to make presence of a business/service online so that the number of leads, sales and impression increases. If you take Digital Marketing Training, Unlike Traditional Marketing method, It is more customized and one can target audience that can give value to their business/services. Number of Internet users in India and other parts of world has increased. Everyone searches in Google and other platforms to fulfill their needs. The basic step of any marketing strategy is to target the place where relevant audience is present. So for Business owners, The people who searches in Google and other platforms related to services they provide, is important.


Career Scope in Digital Marketing

Internet is the favorite place for people for finding right services and products. It is easy now to read reviews, prices and other information related to any needs. So career in Digital Marketing will be awesome until people use Internet as they are using today. In recent surveys, the number of Internet users are increasing day by day, so if you start your career in “Internet Marketing”, It can be the game changer for you. Yes, you need to work harder because it’s a complicated field. One gets better Digital Marketer through his experience and self study.

Digital Marketing Course Structure Online –

There are many parts of Digital Marketing. However, it is not necessary for you to study all at the time. You can go with any of methods and start your career by getting a Job. Here is a list of important categories of Digital Marketing:

SEO – It is an evergreen method of Digital Marketing that drives visitors from organic search results of search engines. The clicks happen on websites are totally free. The SEO Training course will cover following –

  • Keyword Research
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO

Course Fee – 10000 INR

Course Duration – 60 Hours

PPC – PPC stands for Pay per Click. It is a method to get clicks through paid services of search engines and social media websites. Companies use this service to get instant results, some of companies use PPC for getting maximum conversion from every possible ways of Internet Marketing. The results are paid but they are highly relevant as one can run highly customized PPC campaigns. The PPC course will cover following –

  • Google Adwords
  • Facebook Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • Linkedin Ads

Course Fee – 8000 INR

Course Duration – 60 Hours

SMO – The Social Media Optimization is the process to improve visibility of a business over different social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and others. The course will cover several classes to get you mastered in uses of social media for getting better presence and business leads.

Course Fee – 5000

Course Duration – 25 Hours

Blogging – Blogging is an evergreen method, It is the safest method to improve visibility organically. I will teach you how to become a good blogger and how to earn online through posting nice great posts. I will guide you write effective blog articles and steps to create good banners.

Course Fee – 5000 INR

Course Duration – 25 Hours

ORM – Online Reputation Management is process to improve/maintain positive reviews of a business across different search engines and social media websites. I will teach you excel in this field.

Course Fee – 5000 INR

Course Duration – 25 Hours

Why to choose me as your Digital Marketing Trainer?

Being in this field from past 6+ years, I know SEO, SMO, PPC, ORM, Blogging and other parts of Internet Marketing through my work experience and self study. Being a Google certified Individual, I am a Blogger and top rated Freelancer on upwork with 100% job success score. Working as Digital Marketing Manager in a leading IT company,  I know what skills you need to learn in order to excel in interviews and make money from job or from home. Know more about me here. For any clarification – Feel free to reach me at : +91-8802309980