Learn different Google Algorithms – Panda, Penguin, Pigeon & Hummingbird

Google’s main aim is to provide accurate data to the users who search for finding their queries. Being #1 Search Engine from years, Google made so many changes in its algorithms. The algorithm updates happen on regular interval of time. Being a dedicated Internet Marketer, one should know about current and past logarithm updates so that one can build a successful marketing strategy.


Panda, penguin, hummingbird or pigeon they all seems to the name of cute creatures, but not in Digital Marketing J These names are widely used by Google for different algorithm updates.  The Google panda update is focused on improving quality of content, however the Penguin updates is focused on quality of back-links (In-Bound links). The hummingbird update by Google is        for handling accuracy in conversational search queries even if a website is not optimized for the queries. The Google Pigeon update was created for improving local search results. In short, following table explains the simple way for better understanding of these algorithms.

Panda For Improving Content Quality Feb. 2011
Penguin For Improving Back-links Quality Apr. 2012
Hummingbird For Improving Long tail search queries Sep. 2013
Pigeon For Improving local Search Results July 2014

Panda Update – The Panda update was introduced by Google in order to low quality contents from Google search results.

  • Duplicate Content – The websites having copied content from other websites were penalized by this update.
  • Content length – Websites having lack of content length were penalized by Google as they were not providing enough information to the users.

Penguin Update  – This update penalized those websites, having poor quality of back-links. As these types of website were creating so many un-ethical practices to get as many back-links as possible.

  • Low quality External links – The websites having so many poor quality back-links were attacked by this update.
  • Excessive Keyword Stuffing – Excessive keyword stuffing in a web page looks ugly. Because of better readability, Google penalized the same category of websites.

Pigeon Update – This update helps google show better local results.

  • Local Results – It is an attempt by Google to combine useful local results when someone searches with the keywords. In order to provide best possible results, Google consider location, Reviews, distance etc. as ranking factors.

Hummingbird Update – This update helps Google think like human. Google is more smart with this update now.

  • Contextual Search – Instead of considering exact match keywords, Google is now able to understand your search query as human brain. For example, when you search in Google – PM of India, Google will show you the name “Narendra Modi” at the top of search results. Google is now understanding intent of users queries in a better way and helping them in a better way.

If you have still queries regarding different Google updates, You can ask in comments section or ask us directly.

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