How to create Full back up of Blogger posts including posts and comments

It is much needed for a Blogger to keep all data of a blogger so that in case Blogger deletes your blog, you can easily upload the entire posts and comments again. Since blogger gives us the authority to re-post the entire posts including images and comments. So I will recommend you to create back up of your blog postsregularly. It will keep you away from the danger zone.

Create Full Backup of Blogger using Posts, Pages and Comments

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Benefits :
Your posts and comments will be safe.
Very use full for the adult contents
Should keep backup because some times Blogger deletes a blog with large number of spam comments.
You can place same posts and comments in different blogs with this method.
How to do:
Follow these steps:
  • Go to blogger dashboard
  • Go to setting and click on other
  • Then you will see an option of export blog in the blog tool click on that
  • You will see an option to download your blog. Click on that an xml file containing your all posts, images and comment is saved.

Now if you want to upload it in a blog then follow these steps:

Go to blogger
  • Select your blog
  • Click on setting >> Other >> and from blog tool click on import
  • Now Select the downloaded xml file from your computer and upload it. Now your posts will be uploaded along with images and comments.
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