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Are you a student? Then you may be known to some of the issues and problems related to finding an ideal college when you move a step up in your education life. We have to adopt various ways to find out which college we should go which can help to be ahead in our aim as well get mixed up with our life in the positive ways. Not every college is equal in the matter of study as well as life. That’s why choosing a perfect college for a student is really a tough as well as a serious task when it comes to his future life.

But not when you have a sufficient source which can ultimately help you to choose the right college. I mean to say if you would have such a search engine kind of thing, which you may use to browse over 20,000 colleges and various entrance examinations that are conducted right now in India.

Yes, there is such a search engine. Most of the people often make use of Internet to find out information regarding various colleges, educational institutes, competitive exams as well also some other news related to all of these things. Why not to make use of Collegedunia, which is India’s very own Custom College Search Engine.

What Volume of Info does Collegedunia has?

College is maybe the biggest ever collection of data of colleges in India. As already told we can browse over 20,000 colleges and also we can browse lots of entrance exams. When it comes to volume, it’s a very vast data. We can browse all of these colleges and exams with ease using various factors like Streams, Subjects, Results, and Ratings etc. You can browse the colleges of:

  • Science
  • Technology
  • Law
  • Medical
  • Management
  • And many more.

What Info does Collegedunia tell us about each of the College?

Let me explain this thing with the help of an example. On the Homepage of Collegedunia, let us make a search to find out a college. Let the search be “Computer”
Their website is pretty much well designed and the graphics they used are just awesome. We don’t have any problem while browsing any of the content that we’ll find on Collegedunia.

Here is the screenshot of the results what Collegedunia displays us when we searched “Computer”. You can also try the search, clat exam.


It displayed up 3054 Colleges list, 1 exam and 15 updated according to the search. Before it, it suggests some of the searched which might be related to our present search. Anyhow, you can see how properly, the list is compiled with all of the ratings, based on the reviews which we can also read to understand about the college properly.

When we clicked the very first college in the list, which is College of Computer Sciences, Pune in our case it displays all of the data as shown in the following screenshot.


It displays the following info.

  • The complete contact details about the college, what are the phone numbers and the address and even the Google Maps for the address are also shown.
  • What Courses the college offers, what are the reservation status?
  • How much fess annually is offered by the college for each course? This is basically an average.
  • Details about the Placement, which is based on the reviews posted by the students.
  • The list of Similar Colleges, which may be an added advantage for your College research.
  • An Interesting feature of this ultimate search engine is that we can observe the things like Images of the College.

The Experience Collegedunia Gives

Thus Collegedunia, may give us a complete environmental experience of the college without actually visiting and querying directly from the college instead. Just we have to log on to as start our research siting at our home on couch. J

All these features what Collegedunia give us is not limited to Desktop browsers, they also have an Android app, which you can download from the Google Play Store and start researching about Colleges, exams and related news on the go without any worry wherever you are. Hope this review would help you to find your dream college with Collegedunia.

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