How to backup/change Blogger template

It is very necessary for a blogger to back up (restore) her/his blogger template. It is very simple and easy. Most of Bloggers are familiar with this, but this post might help to those newbies who is not aware with this step.

  • You can change your blogger template
  • You can backup your template
  • You can upload a new template to your blog.
Simply follow these steps:
  • Go to Blogger Dashboard
  • Click on Template
  • See on right top there is an option for  Backup/restore click on that
  • Click on Download if you want to back up the new template
Or if you want to upload a new template to your blog then simply click on browse and select a template to upload from your hard drive
Then click on upload
Still getting any difficulties? Click a comment we will work together to resolve. tc

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