AdNow Review – The Best Native Ad Network to Serve the Publishers

The advertising industry has played a vital role in helping the advertisers to promote their brand effectively around the world by just paying few bucks. Out of the different forms of advertising, online advertising has gained mass popularity. This form of advertising is basically implemented on different websites across the globe. The advertising company or agency provides the means to site owners to register for the ads. One such native advertising network is AdNow . We will discuss about it in the coming post. But before we can proceed further, it is important for all of us to learn more about native form of advertising.

Native Advertising – What is It?

Many of you might have heard about the widget ads. These widget ads when implemented in a better manner to bring more user engagement are called native ads. The native ads are basically the modern version of traditional widget ads that were dull and bothered least visitors on the site. The arrival of native form of advertising has given a new birth to widget of the sites. Now people can easily showcase widget ads in a better format and structure. AdNow is one of the few ad networks that dedicatedly provide native ads to the publishers to be displayed on their website(s).


AdNow – A Knowhow

Established in the year 2014, the company was founded by a team of the RTB and Big Data expert digital marketers, who were skilled in this field. Officially, AdNow started for the publishers in the year 2015 in the month of December. Advertisers and Publishers both can utilize this native ad network to the fullest and make most out of it.

Presently, with over 1700 advertisers and more than 150k publishers in 107 countries, AdNow is leading the new native ad market on the internet. It promises to give awesome CTR rates to the publishers that are much higher than most of the competitors of AdNow. Even Google Adsense fails in front of AdNow when it comes to the CTR on widget ads. Moreover, the advertisers can also get higher conversion rate by investing in a campaign at AdNow. Let us explore some of the most effective features of AdNow.


Why AdNow is Beneficial for the Publishers?

AdNow provides endless benefits to the publishers.The publishers can use it with other ad networks as well and can easily replace the unfriendly traditional widget ads with the native ads of this ad network. These native ads are intended to bring more interactions and hence the publishers can notice improved earnings through these native widget ads. Explore some other benefits of AdNow for the publishers as well.

  • Easy Setup: All one need to do is signup with the publisher program. After the approval you can proceed with its setup in just few minutes. You are even provided with a dedicated account manager, who can converse with you in your local language. The ads also go live instantly after the generation of code.
  • Safety Checks on the Ads: The ads that will be displayed on the publisher’s websites are pre-moderated and goes through several safety checks. This ensures that the publisher doesn’t face any issue related to the malware on his/her website.
  • Higher CTR Rates: Only few ad networks exist that can provide you good CTR rates through effective advertising, but the native ads of AdNow are effectual enough to provide CTR rates as high as 2%. The average CTR rate provided to the publishers on the native ads is 1/15% that is incredibly good.
  • Ad Customization: The best part about it is that you are allowed to customize the ad size, font, rows & columns, color, and different aspects. These native ads can be displayed as per the user’s choice.
  • Payments & Threshold: At mere $20, you can withdraw the payments. It follows NET 7 policy which means that the payments are generated after every 7 days. The payments are processed through ePayments, PayPal, and also through Wire transfer.
  • Affiliate Program: For each referral you make at AdNow, you are provided with certain amount of commission if your referral joins AdNow.
  • Support: All the tutorials present on the site are efficient enough to clear the doubts of its publishers, but still if any problem persists you can join official thread of AdNow. Here the experts will be answering to all your questions. The queries will also be entertained by the dedicated account manager provided to you at signup.Adnow3

How to become a Publisher at AdNow?

Becoming a publisher at AdNow is not at all a difficult task. This ad network is open for all. The sites having negligible traffic can also get instant approval if they abide the norms set by AdNow for the publishers. You need to follow all the guidelines of AdNow in order to register as publisher here. Some of the major guidelines are as follows:

  • No Copyright issue should persist on the site.
  • No illegal activity should be promoted on the site.
  • The objectionable content like spyware, malware, spam, or such type of things should be avoided in the site.

For ensuring that you last its publisher for long,follow certain rules after joining it. This will ensure that you are not blocked in between your journey with AdNow.

  • You should not click on your own ads neither say anyone to do this task for you. The fraud clicks are monitored with strict norms.
  • The auto-refreshing sites, PTC sites, or proxies should not be used to generate the fraud clicks.
  • The bots must not be used for increasing ad clicks. Everything is detected through AdNow’s intelligent system.
The Final Say

AdNow, the best native advertising platform is built for both advertisers as well as publishers to make full use of it. It has improved the traditional widget ads and has taken over them. It’s the time to think and decide what you wish to do, either to go with it or leave it?


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