Add an Instagram Widget in Blogger/WordPress or in a Website

Instagram is the fastest growing and popular application for sharing beautiful pics. you can use your i-phone or any smart phone by simply installing the Instagram application. It is fun and addictive platform. Although many of my friends including Bloggers are on my Instagram profile but isn’t it a good idea to show those awesome images on my blog/website too?Read : How to show Pinterest tab in a facebook page.

Benefit of using Instagram Gadget in a Blog.

You can share Images having a particular hash tag or If you wish you can use your all uploaded pictures. It will also help you to keep your Blog updated as Every time you upload the latest pic and that will start showing in the widget feed.

Where to Install the Instagram Widget in a Blog/Website.

We recommend you to put the widget in Sidebar area or in a footer area in Blog. or if you wish to add it in a website, we think adding an Instagram in a footer area will be best. how ever you can intall the gadget as per Theme style.

How to Install Instagram widget in a Blog/Website

For this we will use a website to create codes and then we will need to put those codes in the Blog or website. Please follow the following steps to do so.

>>  Click on this Link
>> Fill the form as per your requirement.

Steps to add Instagram Widget in a Blog

>> Click on Get Code and copy the Code
>> Now login to
>> Select your Blog and Click on Layout
>> Click on Add a Gadget and select HTML/Javascript
>> Now paste the copied and click  on Save.

Additionally If you require to add this widget in a Website, you can simply put this code where you want. To add it in WordPress, simply add it in a widget and place where you want to show. Know How to add a third party widget in WordPress.

Final Words : Adding an Instagram widget is good idea to keep your readers updated with interesting pics. you can use some sites like,, etc. Thanks for reading this post.

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